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In order to get love, you must give love. It’s in the Bible. Bands sing about it. Self-help gurus have hour long specials about it. We all crave — nay, need—appreciation and affirmation, even if we’re terrible at giving it to one another. When Americans want to show love and appreciation, we create holidays (Yep, second insight.). It may be traditional like Valentine’s Day or a more modern holiday like Thank a Mail Carrier Day. It might be informal like a Friendaversary. Regardless, holidays are how we show we care.

Creating a holiday to show America how much we love them seemed like the perfect idea. But what if we showed our love differently? Like if we roasted America instead? Well, when it comes to Wendy’s, people love our roasts. In fact, they love our roasts so much that they became the foundation of our new national holiday.

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