RIP Simon

Life Direct • VMLY&R New Zealand

LifeDirect is New Zealand’s leading life insurance aggregation website. For almost ten years, the face of the brand has been their obscure mascot ‘Simon the Sloth’ – a lethargic, animated character who, not surprisingly, had lost relevance. We were tasked with reinvigorating the brand, and driving leads, awareness, and web traffic amongst New Zealanders 25 – 35 years old; a demographic with an ever-increasing responsibility to insure themselves for the benefit of their dependents.

The problem is, they view death as a distant, irrelevant issue. As a real-time demonstration of the unpredictability of life, and the significant benefits of life insurance, we killed Life-Direct’s long-standing mascot, Simon.

Cannes Recognition

2 Bronze: Direct, Media

1 Shortlist: Brand Experience & Activation